We need your support for our Kickstarter!

We need our Kickstarter to help get supplies for our classes! We only have until the 19th to raise the rest of our funding! With YOUR help and YOUR support, you can help us teach kids how to make their own video games. The funding we get from Kickstarter will help cover the cost of computers, equipment, programs, and the location. Tell your friends! Share it with them on Facebook! Tweet about us on Twitter!

We are an up and coming small business in the Fargo Moorhead area. We have some big plans for our growth and what we can offer, but we need your help to get us started.

Check out our Kickstarter and our discounted prices on classes!

We’ve also got some great news! We will be at Potato Days in Barnesville, MN on August 28th and 29th! We will be in the Old City Jail. Come check us out! We will have laptops set up for kids to use and TVs to show what we’re going to do. Look for the PODS logo and you’ll find us!

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