Winner of the Belief Award!

Last night, PODS Game Design was recognized by Emerging Prairie for our contribution to the youth of the Fargo Moorhead area and our mission of getting kids into technology through video game design. We are proud to accept this award! Huge shout-out to Kyle Weik of Beach Interactive for presenting it to us!

Going into 2016, our mission continues to focus on integrating kids and technology in the unique way of video game design. Our focus is empowerment of youth to take on this challenge. It’s no secret that creating a video game is tough work. Taking an idea from conceptualization and building it into reality is difficult. But with our guidance, kids are achieving their goals. To quote Dave Binkard, the lead instructor for PODS Game Design, “Every day I get to watch these kids build what their imaginations want. That’s the most rewarding thing.”


Every class we teach sees kids take the tools of the trade and build something incredibly unique and their own. And our advanced classes are seeing kids take their ideas to the next level. They’re thinking about their future. We are so excited to see where our students will be in the next five years, in the next ten years, when they are going to college, graduating from college, or starting their own careers.

We are building a community of game designers in Fargo. The seeds of success and growth are being sown as we speak by visionaries such as Beach Interactive, Wicked Soul Studios, and a host of other indie projects in the area. We come together in our monthly meetups as the Fargo Game Makers (Free and open to the public!). Our efforts, along with the support of NerdQ, are laying the foundation of an entire industry in this area. Our role, the role of PODS Game Design, is to get kids interested in video game design. We are taking what is ordinarily viewed as a complex and monumental process and making it accessible. We want our students to take what we teach them and start their own projects, their own studios, and make great things. That is the goal of PODS Game Design.


Thank you all for supporting us!

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