The Facebook Contest!

We are running a contest for PODS Game Design on Facebook! Like our status HERE and you are automatically entered for a drawing for a FREE APRIL CLASS! That’s right! Any class in April! But that’s not all! If we get more than 500 likes, we will give away a second class to another person and if we get 1000 likes, we will give away a third class to yet another person!


1 – 499 Likes = 1 Free Class

500 – 999 Likes = 2 Free Classes

1000+ Likes = 3 Free Classes!


Want to learn more about PODS Game Design? Check out the links on our website! See our upcoming schedule and check out our classes! Also, check out our newsletters!

Register for an April Class today!


Contest Rules:

  1. The winner must designate the recipient of the free class.
  2. The recipient of the free class must meet the age criteria for a PODS Game Design Class.
  3. The recipient of the free class must live in Fargo-Moorhead or the surrounding area (West Fargo, Detroit Lakes, etc) or must be reasonably able to travel to classes.
  4. The contest will end at midnight on Wednesday, March 30th. The winner(s) will be drawn and contacted immediately.

Upcoming Events!

News from PODS Game Design! We have started our Family Minecraft Nights! They will be held every Thursday night from 6:00 to 9:00. Come and play Minecraft! Our arcade will also be open for use at the same time.


In other news, our March classes are off to a great start! Our Beginners are learning about the intricacies of video game design and our advanced and workshop students are learning about Mechanics and Formulas of video games and developing some pretty amazing projects!

One Day Classes

Donut Invaders!

We also have our One Day classes starting up this upcoming Sunday (the 13th). The game this time is Donut Invaders. Imagine: Hordes of Donuts descend upon the Earth, laying waste with their sprinkle cannons! The only thing that stands in their way are the Special Combat Operation Network Engineers, S.C.O.N.E. and their Anti-Donut weapons!

Donut Invaders

Pixel Art Textures

Then, on the Sunday after that (the 20th), we will have our Pixel Art Textures class! In this class, students will work with digital painting programs to put together a series of pixel art textures and how to tile them. The tiles created in this class can be used later in their own projects for RPG Maker and Game Maker: Studio!



Coming Up

We will have more One Day Classes in April and May, as well as more topics for our PODSter classes! In April and May, we will have the One Hour Game class for RPG Maker, in which students put together a game that can be completed in roughly one hour. A challenge? Yes! Impossible? Absolutely not! We will also have classes in the PLOT of your game and in MAP DESIGN to improve the maps of your game! They are going to be great! We also have our Workshop classes for students who are working on long-term projects.These classes are great because they provide excellent feedback on current ideas and game progress and help grow and develop new ideas!

We are also working on our Summer Schedule. Once it’s done, we will put it up! It’s going to be a great year for PODS Game Design!