Moving into Spring!


We are moving into Spring with an excellent article about PODS Game Design in the Fargo Monthly! PODS has expanded our offerings in the Spring even more since our last post!

  • We have a class being held February 11th in Kindred, ND! Register online!
  • We have a Beginner class at Eagle Elementary scheduled in May! Eagle elementary students and parents, keep your eyes peeled for registration!


  • We have a Beginner POP-UP class scheduled with InspireLab starting in February and a PODSter class, Mechanics and Formulas, starting in March!¬†Register online!

See our schedule for a complete listing of our Spring classes!

We also welcome interested parties to download our Demo Game, The Quest for the Bedazzled Mirror to see the sorts of games we would design with our Beginner and PODSter classes!


Grandparents are always sending their grandchildren on dangerous adventures! – The Quest for the Bedazzled Mirror