Summer 2017 Schedule!


Our Summer 2017 class schedule is up! We are offering a variety of classes this summer.

In June, we are offering a Beginner RPG class in West Fargo. We are also offering an all-day Girls Only Beginner RPG class with College for Kids and Teens. In the middle of the month, we’re traveling to Breckenridge to teach Donut Invaders using Game Maker Studio. Then we’re traveling to Belcourt, ND again to participate in the Red River Valley Writing Project/Scholastic Creative Arts program to teach students to develop games with Game Maker Studio. Finally, at the end of June, we’re offering a new hybrid class – a Video Game Design Camp. This class will cover the Beginner class material, then dive into a variety of topics found in our PODSter classes. What exactly we will go over is up to the interest of the students!

In July, we start the month after the 4th of July with Mouse Maze in Detroit Lakes. After that, we have two weeks of College for Kids and Teens, an all-day Beginner class followed by an all-day Advanced class that will cover a multitude of topics found in our PODSter classes including Dungeons, Map Design, Plot, and Mechanics and Formulas! After that, we travel to Perham to offer a Beginner RPG class in the morning, followed by four sections of new hybrid classes with the Boys and Girls Club and Bright Futures! These hybrid classes will focus on specific topics including level design, scripting events, and creating animations!

At the end of July, moving into August, we have another Beginner RPG class in Fargo at the Robert D Johnson Rec Center. And to end the summer season, we have two classes with West Fargo, Destructo-Ball and Penguin Panic.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as the summer goes on!

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