Spring 2020

It’s 2020! Spring is almost here! It may not seem like it when you look out the window, but it’s coming! And so are PODS Game Design classes! We took a break in Fall 2019, but we’re back and we’ve got some excellent classes!

For one, we’re hosting several Saturday classes in Detroit Lakes! Starting on January 25th, we have Donut Invaders! This is followed by Mouse Maze on February 29th and Destructo-Ball on March 28!

We’ve also got our Creating Video Game classes at each of the elementary schools in Moorhead, as well as at Horizon Middle School!

We’ve also got the Creating Video Game classes at two elementary schools in Fargo! If you go to Eagles or Bennett, look for our classes!

In our classes, we’ll show you how to build the game, then we let your creativity take over. You want to make your hero a cat? Sure! Want your home to be surrounded by volcanoes, just because? Why not! Perhaps your quest is to defeat an ancient evil too great and terrible to even utter their horrifying name? You bet! We’ll show you how to make it, then YOU do what YOU want! What could be better than that?

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