Spring 2017

spring2017Our Spring calendar is full of exciting classes in communities all across the region! We have a wide assortment of one day classes and Beginner level courses being offered in both large and small communities.

  • In Moorhead, we are offering Beginner level classes at each of the elementary schools, as well as a class specifically for adults starting in late February!
  • In Fargo, we are offering two Game Maker Studio classes in April!
  • In Breckenridge, we are offering a Beginner level class starting in March after school!
  • We have a new Game Maker Studio game debuting in Barnesville (February) and in Perham (March) – Penguin Panic!
  • We have two upcoming Game Maker Studio classes in Fergus Falls, one in February and one in March!
  • In Detroit Lakes, we will learn how to blast alien donuts out of the sky with Donut Invaders in March!
  • Finally, at the end of April, Hawley will navigate Mouse Maze to find all the cheese in one of our favorite Game Maker Studio classes!

Please check our schedule page for links to register for these classes!

Also, our Summer is going to be jam-packed with awesome classes, including the debut of our new Summer Camp classes!

Pop-up Class at the Prairie Den!


We are excited to announce that we are holding our first Pop-up class at the Prairie Den!

Class: Coding Minigames

Dates: December 27, 28, 29

Time: 8:30 – 12:00

Location: Prairie Den (Click here for a map!)

Registration: Click Here!


What is Coding Minigames?

Coding Minigames is one of our PODSter classes best suited for students who have taken the Beginner level class. In this class, which uses RPG Maker MV, students will work with coding to create functional minigames to give their games some extra fun! In the world of video games, minigames are basically games within games. They can range from hide and seek games to timed object collection games and from a simple coin-toss games to more advanced dice games. Students will walk away from class with an advanced understanding of coding and how to think abstractly to design these games within games.

What could be a better present for the video game fan in your family?

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New Demo!

We have recently released the demo for our first PODS Game Design game! The Quest for the Bedazzled Mirror is a humorous adventure that follows Ash and Callie as they attempt to recover a mysterious artifact – the Bedazzled Mirror! Check it out here! We have downloads for both Windows and Mac computers.Try it out today!


The Quest for the Bedazzled Mirror – Ash checks an engraving left by the local association of dungeon designers and architects regarding the random yields of the nearby chests.


We are also in the midst of updating our Spring schedule. We have classes scheduled this fall in Hawley and Barnesville and more classes in Moorhead! More will be announced soon!

Our New Space!

PODS Game Design has finished moving to a new location! We are now in the Black Building on Broadway in Downtown Fargo.


The main seating area

This move has been very positive for us. The downtown business community has been very welcoming to us and we are excited to grow as downtown Fargo continues to thrive and develop. Our new space gives parents the option to stay in our main seating area or check out all the shops up and down Broadway!


The Coffee Station. The Stat Boost is correct.

We’re aware that parking downtown during the week is a concern. However, our upcoming classes are going to be held on Saturdays, and parking downtown is free on weekends! Also, there’s a convenient parking lot behind the Black Building with direct access into the building. Access to this parking lot is right off 2nd Ave North.


Our NEW classroom!

Our new classroom is much cozier and has plenty of space. Speaking of classes, our new schedule for the Fall is up! Our classes will be held on Saturdays. We will hold a Beginner class and an advanced PODSter class each month. We are also looking into the possibility of holding new special classes aimed at children aged 7 to 9 and for adults on Saturdays. Stay tuned for more updates!

By the way, we’ve already hosted two awesome birthday parties in our new space! If you need a birthday party venue for your video game-loving child, you know where to go!


The PODS Team



We’re Moving!


Say hello to the new home of PODS Game Design! Very soon, we will move from the Moorhead Center Mall to the Black Building in Downtown Fargo! Check out our new space on the skywalk level!

We will be sure to take lots of pictures of the transition and we hope you visit us once we are up and running!


PODS Game Design Open House!

PODS Game Design is hosting an Open House on June 1st at 7:00 PM. If you’re interested in taking classes from PODS Game Design, but want to learn more about us first, this event is for you!

This comes right after our first Sunday Fun Day! This Sunday, the 29th, we will have $5 unlimited play from 12:00 – 5:00 at the arcade! Come play some vintage systems or get some friends together for Minecraft!

This next week, Emerging Prairie has quite a bit going on the week from May 31st to June 2nd. Our event comes after the end of Startup Drinks, held from 5:30 to 7:00 at the Stage at Island Park Atrium in Fargo, ND.  If you’re going to that event, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to come to the PODS Game Design Open House!

At our Open House, we are going to talk about the educational benefits of video game design, the impact it has on students, and some previews of what we offer!

Not to mention there will be coffee, cookies, and juice!

Summer is Here!

Summer is here and PODS Game Design has a full schedule for you! Check out our new Class Schedule page to see when we are offering classes! Also, look into our new Class Descriptions page to see what all goes into the class YOU are most interested in! Finally, check out our new and updated Registration page to sign up! Awesome!

The Facebook Contest!

We are running a contest for PODS Game Design on Facebook! Like our status HERE and you are automatically entered for a drawing for a FREE APRIL CLASS! That’s right! Any class in April! But that’s not all! If we get more than 500 likes, we will give away a second class to another person and if we get 1000 likes, we will give away a third class to yet another person!


1 – 499 Likes = 1 Free Class

500 – 999 Likes = 2 Free Classes

1000+ Likes = 3 Free Classes!


Want to learn more about PODS Game Design? Check out the links on our website! See our upcoming schedule and check out our classes! Also, check out our newsletters!

Register for an April Class today!


Contest Rules:

  1. The winner must designate the recipient of the free class.
  2. The recipient of the free class must meet the age criteria for a PODS Game Design Class.
  3. The recipient of the free class must live in Fargo-Moorhead or the surrounding area (West Fargo, Detroit Lakes, etc) or must be reasonably able to travel to classes.
  4. The contest will end at midnight on Wednesday, March 30th. The winner(s) will be drawn and contacted immediately.

Upcoming Events!

News from PODS Game Design! We have started our Family Minecraft Nights! They will be held every Thursday night from 6:00 to 9:00. Come and play Minecraft! Our arcade will also be open for use at the same time.


In other news, our March classes are off to a great start! Our Beginners are learning about the intricacies of video game design and our advanced and workshop students are learning about Mechanics and Formulas of video games and developing some pretty amazing projects!

One Day Classes

Donut Invaders!

We also have our One Day classes starting up this upcoming Sunday (the 13th). The game this time is Donut Invaders. Imagine: Hordes of Donuts descend upon the Earth, laying waste with their sprinkle cannons! The only thing that stands in their way are the Special Combat Operation Network Engineers, S.C.O.N.E. and their Anti-Donut weapons!

Donut Invaders

Pixel Art Textures

Then, on the Sunday after that (the 20th), we will have our Pixel Art Textures class! In this class, students will work with digital painting programs to put together a series of pixel art textures and how to tile them. The tiles created in this class can be used later in their own projects for RPG Maker and Game Maker: Studio!



Coming Up

We will have more One Day Classes in April and May, as well as more topics for our PODSter classes! In April and May, we will have the One Hour Game class for RPG Maker, in which students put together a game that can be completed in roughly one hour. A challenge? Yes! Impossible? Absolutely not! We will also have classes in the PLOT of your game and in MAP DESIGN to improve the maps of your game! They are going to be great! We also have our Workshop classes for students who are working on long-term projects.These classes are great because they provide excellent feedback on current ideas and game progress and help grow and develop new ideas!

We are also working on our Summer Schedule. Once it’s done, we will put it up! It’s going to be a great year for PODS Game Design!

What’s New at PODS Game Design?

There’s quite a bit going on at PODS Game Design! We are excited to have our first One Day classes coming up soon where we will get to work with Game Maker: Studio to create two really fun games! We’re also going to start offering MINECRAFT NIGHTS on Tuesdays from 6:00 – 9:00, starting in March! Talk about fun for the whole family!

Not only that, but we’re also getting ready to add another school to our partner list! Eastwood Elementary is going to have PODS Game Design Beginner classes starting in March! We’re looking forward to offering this unique opportunity to students in West Fargo. We’ve also got our classes with Barnesville Community Education coming up pretty quick! We have even learned that we already have some sign-ups with College for Kids and Teens this summer! So many opportunities to learn video game design!

We have been working on our space at the Moorhead Center Mall as well. You should check out our new display and see if it brings back any memories!

We still have openings for our March classes. Be sure to check out our Register for Classes link to see a schedule of what we’re offering!

More to come!