Class Descriptions

Please check the SCHEDULE page to see when and where classes will be held.


We offer a lot of classes at PODS Game Design! It can be hard to decide what class is the best one for you to take. The class descriptions on this page should help you out!

RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV Classes

  1. Beginner (Start here!)
  2. Map Design
  3. Dungeons
  4. Mechanics & Formulas
  5. Coding Minigames
  6. Video Game Design Camp
  7. Advanced RPG Classes




Game Maker Studio Classes

  1. Mouse Maze
  2. Destructo-Ball
  3. Donut Invaders


Mouse Maze

Mouse Maze


You are the mouse. Your goal is to collect all the cheese in the maze before the dreaded cat catches you! The only thing that could make it better is navigating the maze with a friend!





Move the paddle to keep the wily Destructo-Ball from bouncing off the bottom of the screen. Destroy all the blocks with the Destructo-Ball to win!


Donut Invaders2

donut invaders

Donut Invaders!

Giant Donuts from outer space are invading Earth and destroying everything with their sprinkle cannons! You and your team at the Special Combat Operation Network Engineers (S.C.O.N.E.) are the only chance!


Other Classes



The Workshop class is for students working on a long-term game. The topics of discussion are developed based on a consensus of the class. Students always leave this class feeling especially full of ideas!

The Workshop class is applicable to both RPG Maker MV and Game Maker Studio games.



Pixel Art Textures

The Pixel Art Textures class instructs students how to create their own pixel art. This class focuses on textures a player would encounter in the world around them. Everything from grass and dirt to sand and stone to water and pavement!


3D Game Design

3D Game Design is a new class being held at College for Kids and Teens. It’s the kick-off class to a new era of PODS Game Design classes featuring Blender and Unity! In these classes, students will learn how to create 3D assets using Blender, rig them, and implement them into their game made in Unity! We envision a line of classes similar to those we offer to our classes for Game Maker Studio (Donut Invaders, Destructo-Ball, and Mouse Maze). As we continue to develop these games in-house, we’ll have more information available!


unity logo


What Will We Do in Class?

We’re going to learn how to make video games!

RPG Maker VX Ace Screenie3

Making video games is something that lots of kids wish they could do, but might not know how to get started with it. It can be overwhelming to make your own game. Where do you start? What needs to be done first? With PODS Game Design, we will jump right into how to make your own games!

  • With PODS Game Design, small class sizes means a better student to teacher ratio.
  • We offer mentorship to help maintain both small and long-term projects.
  • Our live tutorials and troubleshooting will help minimize frustration and encourage exploration of how you will use the concepts we teach in your game.

What’s a Normal Class Like?

Class with PODS Game Design is fun and easy!

  • We start each day with check-in and attendance.
  • Each class will have a brief review of concepts we have learned in previous days or classes to get you back into game design mode.
  • The instructor will be available to answer questions, troubleshoot troublesome code, and provide positive feedback.
  • Students are dismissed at the end of class after they have saved their progress on their computers.
  • On the last day of class, students will transfer their game to a CD to take home to show their friends and family.
  • Classes are limited to twelve students to offer a strong student:teacher ratio.
  • All computers and programs are provided for classroom use.

Do we only need to take one session?

Creating Video Games is no different than any other art or skill. It’s something that takes time, dedication, and lots of practice to master. We encourage you to continue your education by taking multiple classes as well.

No two classes will be quite the same. And we always have new things to talk about! PODS Game Design is one of the best ways to take your child’s love of video games and combine it with their creativity and imagination. The results are amazing!



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