Advanced RPG Classes


Our Advanced RPG Classes offer lessons in more advanced material for RPG classes. Each class meets once for 2 hours to cover the topic. These classes are well-suited for students who are currently working on a project or have already taken the Beginner class and want to add more to their game. Check the schedule for when our next Advanced class will be!

  1. Exciting Enemies!
  2. Dangerous Dungeons!
  3. Fantastic Fishing!
  4. Ice Slider!

Exciting Enemies


Enemies have brains too! Shouldn’t they use them?

Enemies are more than just punching bags for coins and experience points! In this class, we’ll dive into enemies to see how complex and difficult we can make them. We’ll give them special moves, desperation maneuvers, and more! But we’ll still be able to beat them… maybe…

Dangerous Dungeons!


Simple, but deadly!

Dungeons are avenues of danger in RPGs and any video game. In this class, we’ll build a complex dungeon with lots of traps and some cool designs, whether it be a maze, a tower, or a cave system! Perhaps we’ll add some traps along the way! Who doesn’t love a good spike puzzle? Or a room that locks you in and fills up with enemies?

Fantastic Fishing!


What do you call a baby catfish?

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach your hero to fish and you can add a new fun system to your game! In this class, we will add a fishing system to your game, complete with fish that you can catch (or an old boot… your choice) and worms that are used when you fish! Maybe there’s even some treasure lurking in the waves…

Ice Slider!


It’s just a hop to the left, then a slide to the right!

Have you ever gone running and sliding on a sheet of ice? In this class, we will build an ice maze that our hero will slide across, until they run smack into a rock that stops them. From there, they have to figure out which moves they need to get across the frozen expanse to add this system to your game!