The Beginner class is the starting point for working with RPG Maker MV. This class is specifically designed for students who have little to no previous experience in coding, programming, or game design. This class will teach basic concepts of game design including:

  • Map Creation
  • Hero Creation
  • Scripting simple events, such as NPCs, treasure chests, and puzzles.
  • Design a simple quest connecting a dungeon to a town.
  • Add finishing details, such as an introduction and credits.

These concepts, as well as others, are explained clearly for students, then time is given for students to make their own creations. For example, on the first day, we take an empty map…


A world of water becomes…

…and through using the built-in map editor, we turn it into the world for our game!


… a world ripe for adventure!

Once we have our world map finished, we create a town for the player to explore. The town, in a video game, is a place of safety. The player can learn more from NPCs (Non-playable characters, such as villagers), purchase supplies from a store, spend the night at the inn, and more!


An empty field…


… becomes a thriving town!

Then, to take it even further, we will design the insides of our houses!


A shop! Buy a health potion or the mighty Sword of Destiny!

Then, we’ll connect the maps to one another and create our game’s hero using the built-in character generator!


The ancient prophecies have foretold of… this guy?

And that’s just on Day 1!


After day 1, we still have to create more NPCs, items, enemies, dungeons, puzzles, events, the quest, an introduction sequence, the credits sequence, some shops, special abilities, and more!!!


Don’t forget the dungeon! It could really use some treasure chests and monsters…


Another town, perhaps?


Houses just aren’t houses if they don’t have doors!


A sample church interior.


A guardhouse with some prison cells.

WorldMap Grid

Another world map sample, built for the looping map feature!

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At the end of the last day of class, each student will get a copy of their game transferred to a CD for them to take home to show off to family and friends. RPG Maker MV can export to Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

And what’s more, once you learn the basics in the Beginner class, you can move on to our ADVANCED classes!

  • The Plot
  • Map Design
  • Dungeons
  • Minigames
  • Mechanics and Formulas
  • RPG Special Projects



What sort of experience do you need?

No previous experience is necessary for this class! The Beginner class is perfect for students with little to no experience.

Do I need to bring anything to the Beginner class?

You do not need to bring anything to the Beginner class – PODS Game Design supplies the computers and necessary equipment. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a pencil and notebook for note-taking or idea sketches.

Other questions? Send us a message or email at!