Video Game Design Camp


The Video Game Design Camp is the summer ticket for the gamer in your family! This class combines our Beginner class with numerous topics from all of our Advanced Classes into a neat package – Camp! Look no further for a fun and exciting adventure in creating video game adventures!

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The greatest treasure in all the land!

So, what do you do at camp?

Our camp experience begins with a check-in, then we move straight into the first part of creating a video game – brainstorming the story! As with our Beginner class, we’ll play a demo game to get some ideas rolling around, as well as have a discussion on conflict, hero and villains, world building, and The Plot of our game. Then it’s time to hit the computers to start putting the game together!


Just the place to spend your summer! Just watch out for the woodland critters…


As we build our world, we’ll take a look at some of the nuances of Map Design and how to make our maps memorable and really come to life. When it’s time to add some of the finer details of our games, such as enemy development and special abilities, we’ll explore some of the intricacies of the Mechanics and Formulas to give our heroes (and enemies) the cutting edge. Making the enemies will also come in handy when we can put them in the Dungeons we create with some more advanced levels, puzzles, and traps! To top it all off, what game wouldn’t be complete without a Minigame or two to try out when you’re not saving the world?

WorldMap Grid

The World – always needing to be saved!

Students will leave the video game design camp not only with their game on a CD, but they will leave armed with knowledge, experience, confidence, and an inside look at the world of making video games. Talk about a summer adventure!


Virtual summer camp!

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What sort of experience do you need? The Beginner class?

No previous experience is necessary for the Video Game Design Camp! Also, if you have taken a PODS class before, you’ll feel right at home with this class. It will build quite a bit on the skills you already have!

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