Dungeons. There’s nothing quite like delving into the dark and dank recesses of a dungeon, one filled with monsters, traps, and peril!

In this Advanced class, we will focus on developing the dungeons of our games. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Layout & Design
  • Traps
  • Puzzles
  • Purpose
  • Monsters
  • And more!

Inhabited by bandits!


Ash and Callie of the Demo Game read a plaque left behind in the Eastern Temple. Just be careful of those spikes! 

Volcano Part1 Map2

Dungeons come in all shapes and sizes!


Do I need to take the Beginner class before I can take dungeons?

It’s strongly encouraged that students take the Beginner class before taking the Dungeons class. There will be significant amounts of map design and coding involved.

Can we create a new project in this class or should my child bring a game they’ve been working on?

Both! This class can begin with a new project, though it may be better to begin with a project already in the works.