Map Design


There’s nothing quite like unrolling an ancient map of lands long forgotten! In this class, students will draw their own fantasy map in the vein of those found in Dungeons and Dragons and JRR Tolkien’s popular Lord of the Rings books! Once the map is drawn and inked in, students will upload the map into their game and program their heroes to travel by it! Reach new areas by “discovering” locations and unlock new areas to travel by learning about them! And who knows what might happen on the way? Maybe you’ll find a traveling merchant with rare items… or a roving band of bandits! We’ll learn to program these features and more!

lotr map

“From the Shire to the Mountain of Doom? Google Maps says it’s a 3 movie walk!”

map 1-19-2018 edit 3

Complete with your own giant compass floating in the ocean!


map design guard

“Y’know, just in case you want to swing by there for a bit…”

This Advanced class will feature a strong art component of drawing and inking. PODS Game Design will supply paper and drawing utensils. In this Advanced class, we will focus on developing an intricate overworld map for our games. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Drawing the map itself.
  • Adding intricate detail to make them map stand out.
  • Scanning the map to finish editing it on the computer.
  • Incorporating the map into the game.
  • Programming the travel mechanics.
  • Programming the “discovery” mechanic to learn new areas.
  • And more!


Do I need to take the Beginner class before I can take Map Design?

It’s strongly encouraged that students take the Beginner class before taking the Map Design class. There will be significant amounts of map design and coding involved.

Can we create a new project in this class or should my child bring a game they’ve been working on?

Both! This class can begin with a new project, though it may be better to begin with a project already in the works.