Mechanics & Formulas


The Mechanics & Formulas class tears into RPG Maker MV to learn how it works on the inside. In this awesome class, students will learn how to make the most of battle formulas to create some awesome hero and enemy skills and spells, how to make the most of the event editor to make some very complex events and scripts, and more! This class will juggle switches, variables, conditional branches, and so much more!


Randomized Hero Stat Generator at the start of your game? No problem!


Can’t decide who you want to be your hero? Why not have the player choose?

This Advanced class will feature more advanced coding than what is found in the Beginner class. Not only that, but the direction of the class is often chosen by the students and what direction they want to take their games. 8 directional movement? No problem! Advanced day and night system? You got it! That’s only scratching the surface of the possibilities in this class!

  • Learn even more uses of switches, variables, and conditional branches.
  • Develop a ridiculously good understanding of how battle mechanics and formulas work.
  • Use the aforementioned battle mechanics and formulas to your advantage!
  • Get an in-depth understanding of hero stats and states!
  • Program custom systems!
  • And more!


Do I need to take the Beginner class before I can take Mechanics and Formulas?

It’s strongly encouraged that students take the Beginner class before taking the Mechanics and Formulas class. There will be significant amounts of programming, number-crunching, and coding involved.

Can we create a new project in this class or should my child bring a game they’ve been working on?

Both! This class can begin with a new project, though it may be better to begin with a project already in the works.