Minigames: While you’re out saving the world, it’s nice to have a little break and enjoy some minigames. After all, even the greatest and most gallant of heroes need some down-time, right?

In the Minigames class, students will learn how to program several types of minigames that fit within the larger game. In doing so, they’ll get an excellent exercise at learning deeper programming logic than in the Beginner class (and probably make a few gold coins while they’re at it!). Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • Event Scripting
  • Switches
  • Variables
  • Loops & Labels
  • Conditional Branches
  • Programming Logic

All this will be used in the process of making our minigames. Examples of minigames made in previous classes include:

  • Games of Chance (Flip-the-Coin & Rock, Paper, Scissors)
  • Card games (Blackjack)
  • Hide & Seek
  • A Mining System
  • A Crafting System
  • A Battle Arena
  • And more!



With the mighty pickaxe, all the rocks will tremble before me!

Do I need to take the Beginner class before I can take dungeons?

It’s strongly encouraged that students take the Beginner class before taking the Minigames class. There will be significant amounts of scripting involved.

Can we create a new project in this class or should my child bring a game they’ve been working on?

Both! This class can begin with a new project, though it may be better to begin with a project already in the works.