Town-Building Game


Towns in video games are places of safety, where your beleaguered heroes can refresh themselves with a stay at the local inn, browse the new equipment at the local armor shop, and stock upon healing potions at the item shop. Talking to everyone in the town usually reveals the next objective in the game or foreshadows something that will soon happen.

This town is completely different.

In the Town-Building Gamestudents start with a single run-down shack.


“It’s everything I… haven’t… dreamed of…”

The goal is to harvest resources such as stone and lumber so that they can “purchase” an upgrade. Students will learn how to make resources that can be harvested and stored so they can turn their single run-down shack into a thriving community.


“I remember when this was all just an open meadow back in my day… 2 in-game hours ago…”


Not only will students learn how to make this upgrade system work, they’ll also have to find people to live in the houses! Villagers from other towns can be recruited to take up residence and make the town a thriving community. Everything from the blacksmith’s son who dreams of starting his own shop to the roving trader looking to settle down. From the fortune teller that reveals your party’s future events to the horse who opens up the horse house where horses horse around.


“So, your rent is due…”

The Town-Building Game promises to be an exciting addition to a current project or a stand-alone game all on its own. The possibilities are limitless!


In this Advanced class, we will focus on developing the a town-building system. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Mapping
  • A Resource harvesting system
  • An upgrade system
  • Event scripting for resources and people
  • Lots of variables and switches
  • And more!

Negotiating the next upgrade!


If you build it, tiny pixel people will come!


Mine some stone to craft some houses!



Do I need to take the Beginner class before I can take the Town-Building Game class?

It’s strongly encouraged that students take the Beginner class before taking the Town-Building Game class. There will be significant amounts of map design and coding involved.

Can we create a new project in this class or should my child bring a game they’ve been working on?

Both! This class can begin with a new project, though it may be better to begin with a project already in the works.