Video Game Design Classes at West Fargo and Moorhead!

PODS Game Design has some new offerings for our video game design classes that we’re excited to share with you!

In West Fargo, we have classes starting on September 11th at the Veteran’s Memorial Arena! These classes will meet each Monday from 3:30 – 5:30. For more information on  specific start times, please see our schedule.

In Moorhead, we have classes starting on September 7th at Reinertsen, on October 12th at Ellen Hopkins, on January 11th at Robert Asp, and on February 15th at Dorothy Dobb. Each class will meet for five sessions, from 3:00 – 5:00. For more information, please see our schedule. Also, be sure to check out our Flyer!

Also in Moorhead, we have a Beginner level class for adults at Probstfield starting on October 5th at 6:00.  Be sure to check it out on our schedule!

Also, take a look at our options for MINECRAFT BIRTHDAY PARTIES with the West Fargo Park District!


We’ve got more classes coming up! Keep checking back for more!

Video Game Design Workshop at NDSU!

We at PODS Game Design are pleased to announce that we will be leading a video game design workshop at NDSU in August! This workshop is for the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards and is available for students who will enter grades 7 – 12 this upcoming school year.

Click here to register!

The Details:

What?: A video game design workshop!

Where?: NDSU, Minard Hall 319

When?: August 14 to August 18, 9:00 – 4:00

Cost?: $175

Scholarships?: Yes (Check appropriate box on application)

How do I apply?: Click here!

Other questions? Contact Dave at!


This game design workshop will be led by both Dave of PODS Game Design and the wonderful workshop leaders of the Red River Valley Writing Project at NDSU. The games created in this workshop are encouraged to be submitted to the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards contest. We are looking for unique stories and inspired story-tellers to weave their tales into a video game.

Each day, students will begin with a short writing prompt about their game to get their creative juices flowing. Then it’s off to the computers to build, program, and create! After a lunch at NDSU’s union, student will return for more video game creation. Throughout the day, we will discuss topics of plot, character development, and scene creation intermixed with some clever coding and programming to make it all work. The day ends with a final prompt to further develop ideas and discuss progress that been made.

We would love for you to join us! Applications will be accepted until August 1st. Apply here!

Pop-Up Class in July!

July2017 Popup

PODS Game Design is hosting a pop-up class at the Prairie Den this July! This is going to be a new class in which we develop a special project for your Role-Playing Games. The special project will be a town-building engine for your game.

Building a town with RPG Maker MV is not difficult. However, wouldn’t it be neat to have a town that grows from one derelict house to a bustling community, where the player chooses who lives in what house? And where the player has to find resources and pay a carpenter to build the new houses?

Check out the new Special Project page for more information and be sure to register today!

Summer 2017 Schedule!


Our Summer 2017 class schedule is up! We are offering a variety of classes this summer.

In June, we are offering a Beginner RPG class in West Fargo. We are also offering an all-day Girls Only Beginner RPG class with College for Kids and Teens. In the middle of the month, we’re traveling to Breckenridge to teach Donut Invaders using Game Maker Studio. Then we’re traveling to Belcourt, ND again to participate in the Red River Valley Writing Project/Scholastic Creative Arts program to teach students to develop games with Game Maker Studio. Finally, at the end of June, we’re offering a new hybrid class – a Video Game Design Camp. This class will cover the Beginner class material, then dive into a variety of topics found in our PODSter classes. What exactly we will go over is up to the interest of the students!

In July, we start the month after the 4th of July with Mouse Maze in Detroit Lakes. After that, we have two weeks of College for Kids and Teens, an all-day Beginner class followed by an all-day Advanced class that will cover a multitude of topics found in our PODSter classes including Dungeons, Map Design, Plot, and Mechanics and Formulas! After that, we travel to Perham to offer a Beginner RPG class in the morning, followed by four sections of new hybrid classes with the Boys and Girls Club and Bright Futures! These hybrid classes will focus on specific topics including level design, scripting events, and creating animations!

At the end of July, moving into August, we have another Beginner RPG class in Fargo at the Robert D Johnson Rec Center. And to end the summer season, we have two classes with West Fargo, Destructo-Ball and Penguin Panic.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as the summer goes on!

Moving into Spring!


We are moving into Spring with an excellent article about PODS Game Design in the Fargo Monthly! PODS has expanded our offerings in the Spring even more since our last post!

  • We have a class being held February 11th in Kindred, ND! Register online!
  • We have a Beginner class at Eagle Elementary scheduled in May! Eagle elementary students and parents, keep your eyes peeled for registration!


  • We have a Beginner POP-UP class scheduled with InspireLab starting in February and a PODSter class, Mechanics and Formulas, starting in March! Register online!

See our schedule for a complete listing of our Spring classes!

We also welcome interested parties to download our Demo Game, The Quest for the Bedazzled Mirror to see the sorts of games we would design with our Beginner and PODSter classes!


Grandparents are always sending their grandchildren on dangerous adventures! – The Quest for the Bedazzled Mirror

Spring 2017

spring2017Our Spring calendar is full of exciting classes in communities all across the region! We have a wide assortment of one day classes and Beginner level courses being offered in both large and small communities.

  • In Moorhead, we are offering Beginner level classes at each of the elementary schools, as well as a class specifically for adults starting in late February!
  • In Fargo, we are offering two Game Maker Studio classes in April!
  • In Breckenridge, we are offering a Beginner level class starting in March after school!
  • We have a new Game Maker Studio game debuting in Barnesville (February) and in Perham (March) – Penguin Panic!
  • We have two upcoming Game Maker Studio classes in Fergus Falls, one in February and one in March!
  • In Detroit Lakes, we will learn how to blast alien donuts out of the sky with Donut Invaders in March!
  • Finally, at the end of April, Hawley will navigate Mouse Maze to find all the cheese in one of our favorite Game Maker Studio classes!

Please check our schedule page for links to register for these classes!

Also, our Summer is going to be jam-packed with awesome classes, including the debut of our new Summer Camp classes!

Pop-up Class at the Prairie Den!


We are excited to announce that we are holding our first Pop-up class at the Prairie Den!

Class: Coding Minigames

Dates: December 27, 28, 29

Time: 8:30 – 12:00

Location: Prairie Den (Click here for a map!)

Registration: Click Here!


What is Coding Minigames?

Coding Minigames is one of our PODSter classes best suited for students who have taken the Beginner level class. In this class, which uses RPG Maker MV, students will work with coding to create functional minigames to give their games some extra fun! In the world of video games, minigames are basically games within games. They can range from hide and seek games to timed object collection games and from a simple coin-toss games to more advanced dice games. Students will walk away from class with an advanced understanding of coding and how to think abstractly to design these games within games.

What could be a better present for the video game fan in your family?

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