PODS Game Design provides a variety of services in addition to our video game design classes. We provide speaking engagements and offer birthday parties! To contact us for questions, please email us at or call us at 701-936-4716.

Speaking Engagements

Our lead instructor, Dave Binkard, has spoken at numerous career events across the region about video game design to students ranging from middle school students looking to get interested in a technical and/or creative field to high school seniors thinking about college and their future careers.

Speaking Engagement length: 30 mins – 1 hour

Regions: Fargo, ND area

To arrange a speaking engagement or to contact us for questions, please email us at or call us at 701-936-4716.

Birthday Parties

We offer two types of Birthday Parties – Minecraft and Dungeon Game Design in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Each type of birthday party will be held at a location agreed upon by the party planner and PODS Game Design. Please contact us for more details, dates, and rates by email at or by phone at 701-936-4716.


Minecraft Birthday Parties

  • Does your child LOVE Minecraft? Do their friends love it as well? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could all play Minecraft together at once in the same location? Look no further than PODS Game Design! We can provide accommodations for up to 12 attendees to play Minecraft!
  • We partner with the West Fargo Park District to hold our Minecraft Birthday parties at the West Fargo Veteran’s Memorial Arena.
  • Party package includes two awesome pizzas prepared on-site and a choice of three 2-liter beverages. More can be requested!
  • We can hold parties on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Book in advance!


Minecraft LAN

The LAN Party, Minecraft style!

Game Design Birthday Parties

  • Does your birthday boy or girl want the most unique and memorable birthday party of all? How about a birthday party where everyone walks away with a video game they had a part in designing?
  • The game we would work on is a role-playing game with a wacky story that is almost finished. It’s just missing a key component: The Final Dungeon. It’s up to each party-goer to complete this critical step through an easy-to-learn tutorial. Once the final dungeon is finished, the game can be completed for hours of fun and tons of replay value!
  • At the end of the party, each game will be transferred to a CD so each party-goer can take their game home and show their family and friends!
  • (Note: Game Design Birthday Parties have a minimum length of 2 hours)