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Town-building System

(Class held with West Fargo Park District)

 In this class, students will learn how to build each of these aspects to make a fully-functional town-building system in their game. It would make a great addition to a current project or could be expanded to be a game within itself!

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It began with a dream that was never realized. Argus has lived alone for many years with a goal of building his own community. But as the years have passed, his dream has faded. That is, until you, the player, show up.

This special project is a town-building system. Building a town in RPG Maker MV is easy. Adding people here and there to be the NPCs and villagers wandering around is easy as well.

This system is different, though. Here, the player begins with a single run-down house and has to upgrade it by finding and harvesting resources like Wood, Stone, and other materials, and by paying a carpenter to do the building. Not only that, but building a house takes some time, so we will take that mechanic into account as well.


“Home, Sweet… uhh… shack?”

Once our carpenter has built a few houses, it’s time to find some people to live in them! Students will create the possible people who will live in the houses. For each house, there may be two, three, four, or more people from around the game’s world that the player can choose to live in each house. These people would be elsewhere in the world and the player would have to find them. Perhaps one of the people wants to open a store where the player could buy items? Maybe there is a someone that wants to lay around and eat pancakes all day long? Or a house full of dogs or cats? Why not?


At the Horse House, they’re always… dare I say it… horsing around?



Class Outline:

Day 1: Building the Raw Materials – Students will create the core aspects of the game, such as the materials for building the houses, the maps for the town and houses, and more! Having these materials created will be essential for when we begin to sew them together on…

Day 2: Coding the Town – Students will lay out the code of their town to make it work. We will script the upgrade system for the town, the harvest and resource-gathering system, and the codes for the people who can move into the houses.

Day 3: Finishing up – On the last day, students will add additional content to help populate their town building system, create areas for harvesting resources, and any additional code to help finish their town-building system.


If we build it, they will come!



Class Goals:

  • Learn to create a town-building system within your current project or a stand-alone project.
  • Learn the coding techniques for a mining and harvesting system.
  • Learn to create multiple people who can be recruited into each house.
  • Gain an even more powerful understanding of RPG Maker MV for making your own video games!


Registration Information:

Location: Veteran’s Memorial Arena Meeting Room (Above the Hockey rink)

Dates: December 27th – 29th

Time: 8:30 – Noon

Ages: 9 – 18

Previous Experience Required?: Not necessary, but would be useful!

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