Basic Banking System Part 1/4

The bank is a wonderful feature in Role-Playing Games. They exist for numerous reasons:

  1. When the player loses a battle, they return to the last save point, but half the money they were carrying at the time is gone (Several games)
  2. The player earns money through a bank (see Earthbound and others).
  3. They allow to the player to unlock hidden content or opportunities (Such as, “Have $10,000 in your account and we’ll give you a reward!”).

This tutorial will teach you the absolute basic bank structure. With this bank in place, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Have an account in which to keep your money.
  2. Put money into your bank account (Deposit).
  3. Take money from your bank account (Withdraw).

There is more we can do, but those are for future tutorials! Let’s get the basics down first.


Starting the Bank


The first thing we need is a place for our bank to be. Perhaps a small building somewhere in town? You will also probably need an inside, a counter for the bank teller to stand behind. For an example of a unique bank, see the Quest for the Bedazzled Mirror!


Once we have a place for our bank teller to be, it’s time to create their event and make our bank.




I have my event’s autonomous movement set to fixed to keep him from wandering around.

Now it’s time to start programming.

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*Please note that no tutorial may be copied or reproduced without the expressed written authorization of PODS Game Design. Any use of these tutorials to create a system(s) or function(s) in any game must be properly credited. Please contact PODS Game Design at for further information.*

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